What Is the Price Range for Granito Colonial White?

About Colonial White Granite

When it comes to a white granite like Colonial White, it is good to know that this color is just that - white, with small pockets of garnet, and gray, and a splattering of black. This granite is mostly from India and is popular for residential and commercial projects.

Factors Influencing Price

Quarry Location & Stock Availability: Like most granites, the price of Colonial White Granite depends on its quarry origin and the level of availability of the material. Primarily imported from India, transport and import charges could contribute to changing the prices for consumers.

Granite gets a grade, based on color uniformity, strength, fabricators preferences, and the overall quarry yield. Colonial White Granite is no different, and better quality blocks make for more aesthetically pleasing and larger slabs that cost more.

Cost – Application and Finish

Countertops and Tiles: The price of Colonial White Granite goes from $60 to $70 per sq/ft installed including fabrication costs, for countertops. There is an option for tiles and a couple smaller slabs that will be on the lower price range because it involves cutting smaller pieces and less fabrication.

Custom Cuts & Finishes – In the event you require the stone to be custom cut, or you select a premium finish (i.e. leathered or honed surface) as opposed to a standard polish, the cost will go up from there.

Compared to Other Granites

Colonial White Granite (Mid-Range Type) Is affordable compared to the high end such as Blue Bahia but more expensive then your average granites like Ubatuba or Baltic Brown.

Durability & Maintenance Costs

Return On Investment (ROI): While the initial investment is high, Colonial White Granite can be a very cost-effective means of achieving your long-term plans and goals long-term finance compared to less expensive and less durable countertop materials.

Maintenance: As with most granites, it needs proper sealing at regular intervals to stay free from stains. Sealing is an expense, and if the sealer chosen will need to be replaced more often it will cost even more.

Investment and Home Value

Raising Market Value: It can also boost the market price of a home in which it has been installed and fitted. Its design and longevity are a win-win for the consumers.

Now it has become a sound investment for any property owner even with the current market trends, the demand of light colored granites in the housing market continues to increase each day, and Colonial White granite remains one of the best graded color trending among these.

Granito Colonial White Precio: For more material on pricing and browsing please visit granito colonial white precio.

There are countless ways to utilize Colonial White Granite, a versatile and durable stone that creates a stunning and lasting addition to nearly any design. Moreover, cost-effectiveness, visual attractiveness and ability to elevate property value appeal to homeowners and designers which together have made this exceedingly popular. Whether updating a kitchen or bathroom or even a floor alternative Colonial White Granite combines durability with style.

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